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Audio Clips
These audio clips are excerpts from a series of recordings I finished a few years ago. I wrote all of the tunes except "Three Views" which was written by the master himself, Jaco Pastorius. I recorded these pieces in my home studio and, out of necessity, played all of the parts myself, on various basses, guitars, and synthesizers. I did have the good fortune to have a talented friend, Jeff Newell, play the "real" flute part on "Gypsy.

All compositions copyright 1995 Springfield Music.
Three Views of a Secret
If I had to pick my favorite Jaco tune, this would probably be it. To be different, I arranged it in 4/4 time instead of the original 3/4 time. I wanted the instrumentation to reflect some of Jaco's pet sounds. I worked in some of my own ideas as well. That's my seven string bass playing the melody. If you listen carefully to the final vamp section at the end, you'll hear several classic Jaco quotes being bantered about, as well as an occasional "Flight Of The Bumblebee."
Arasian Paradise
This tune was an experiment in textures, and also employs the acoustic/electric tenor bass guitar. (How's that for an extended oxymoron?)
The Gypsy and the Thief
I actually wrote an earlier version of "Gypsy" back in the early 80's. I updated it for this recording. This is the only recording of me playing guitar. I did my best Carlos Santana impersonation, since Carlos was unavailable to record that day. As you'll notice, this tune has a kind of Baroque "call and response" section that's a real chop buster. Just ask Jeff, who had to play the flute part.
The Real Mr. Gone
I wrote this piece on piano on the day that Jaco died in 1987. It is my tribute to him, and his "once in a century" contributions to music in general and bass guitar in particular. I recorded it as a fretless-bass-with-orchestra arrangement. A single upright bass bows the low "E" which fades to the end.
Reston Piece
This piece features an instrument that was new to me at the time -- a Washburn acoustic/electric bass guitar. For extended range, I restrung it A-D-G-C. This bass was a "sympathy" gift from my wife. I had just broken my right hand in an auto accident, and, since my right hand was in a cast, I had limited finger movement. The only way I could play bass with my right hand was using thumb downstrokes and subsequent upstrokes with my first two fingers. This led to the use of a technique I employ today, frequently with a "muted palm." I must say, it does sound better without the cast... Anyway, the natural sound of the instrument led me to this sort of Spanish sounding melody. Enjoy it with salsa.